My Destiny is to TRY

To succeed or to not succeed is definitely not the dilemma I find myself in. I’ve never been one to be obsessed with money. I care about many more things that money, but as a human, I recognize the tool that money is and what that tool can do, but that tool is not a measure of success for me. Making money is very easy, especially in America. What’s hard is making the sacrifices necessary to gain the skills necessary to reach success. Knowing I was willing to sacrifice for my greater good, I wanted to know why not me?

Why couldn’t I be a great American Entrepreneur? Why couldn’t I be the one to address the longterm issues of the Black community? Why couldn’t I solve a big enough problem to where I only focused on improving the lives of others? I looked and looked and looked and I never found anything that said I couldn’t be anything that I wanted to be. Archimedes is by far my favorite human. He was killed by Roman soldiers for his refusal to stop working. He once said, ‘first say what you want to be and then become it’ as well as, ‘give me a firm place in which to stand and I can move the world.’ Two very powerful quotes. I’ve seen other quotes from other people that speak on our unlimited potential, if we only break the limits of our minds. I never understood why, if we knew that we only used 10% of our brains, wouldn’t we want to tap into the remaining 90%. This is what I wanted to do. Push myself mentally, beyond any limits I reached physically. I was ready to make the jump.

Making the jump is different from climbing to the point in which you will leap from. I sat and sat and sat, waiting for the perfect moment. Once I jumped, I knew it was right. I feel free. Free knowing that when I wake up, I am waking up to a problem that hasn’t been solved. Free knowing that after financing 5 years of dedicated R/D that trying actually pays off. In trying to solve this problem and being committed to the solution, I actually found it. I found all the necessary pieces required to reconfigure the puzzle of Black America, in a way that suits the creation of true opportunities. Will it reach the heights of my vision. That I do not know; knowing that is not my task, mission or purpose. My purpose is solely to try.

Trying is the essence of entrepreneurship. Seeing something that others do not see, create value where others see none, delivering something new and something better. Xerox didn’t know what it had, Steve Jobs did though. Jeff Bezos knew what he had. Elon Musk knew what he had. Warren Buffet knew what he had. They all had an opportunity to try something in way that hadn’t be tried before. They all endured failure. They all had setbacks. But they all are on the pantheon of business. Because they tried.

If you continuously heard, try, go ahead, you’re young, life isn’t guaranteed, opportunity is their for the taking, wouldn’t you take your shot? I had to. Just like I needed to know what the NFL was like. I need to know about the American Dream. I need to see if you can set an intentional goal, do the work and see that goal become a reality. In my search to know, the only way to find out is to actually try. If trying is my destiny, than trying is what I will do.

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