Elon and I

What’s crazier, trying to colonize Mars or trying to create an equity distributing market system to support the needs of the black community? To me, it’s felt that the latter seems crazier. Elon Musk is rewriting human history every single day, in multiple industries. But with SpaceX, it’s a big deal. For one reason only, he taught himself rocket science by reading books. Elon is not a classically trained rocket scientist or car manufacturer, but yet his visions have believers because they solve problems. They give people a chance to invest into something meaningful. In 50 years, shares in Tesla are going to be ridiculous, in the mold of Ford. Even he has detractors and people shorting his success but that hasn’t stopped him. As he said, “It’s too important to let die.” He focuses on the importance of outcomes.

Technology is sexy. Social change is not. While Elon is building tunnels, batteries, cars and rockets, I’m a few miles away from SpaceX building businesses, creating programs and roadmaps to longterm success. I’m learning from Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Jack Ma among others. 100 hour work weeks for the past 5 years. I talk about redirecting the outgoing purchase power, creating a holdings company, eradicating poverty. I have a true VISION. All things more urgent than getting to Mars, but the VISION is not shiny. I can’t help but think about the opportunity being missed. Nearly everyone of the people mentioned before were tremendously challenged entrepreneurially. Called crazy, ridiculed, had to face financial ruin, all to bring a vision into reality. Plenty people missed the early opportunities presented by these innovators. This is comforting. But still not reassuring.

To me, I am a young problem solver that will one day be in a position of having changed the world. In that, I am writing my story and enduring the choppy waters on my voyage. I am no different than Steve Jobs, Warren Buffett, Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Jack Ma or Richard Branson..these are my peers. Fellow problem solvers. Those who dared to do what they felt was impossible. However popular they are, we as Blacks have few if any people in similar positions to look up to. There’s no black benchmark on innovation. There’s no Black PayPal Mafia. We aren’t investing into the infrastructure needed to develop the community over the long term. But for me, like SpaceX to Elon, my mission is too important to die. I want to be Elon in the same way we grew up wanting to Be Like Mike. I want to continue to live out my purpose and pushing the limits on Black achievement.

As of now, Elon is a digital mentor. I hope that our paths cross, as I feel as problem solvers, he’d be able to see in me and my mission what other people are missing. He knows the feeling of doing what they said can’t be done. He knows the feeling of not getting the help when he needed it. He knows that visions are achievable. I hope that the way people push for him to succeed for the greater good of us all, that people push for me to succeed. I WANT to do the work to build for our community. I WANT to do what they don’t think is possible. Not for myself. Simply because it needs to be done.

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