Walking These Streets

I walk these streets in the dark all alone.

No lights. No clothes. No weapons and no phone.

Only one path to my destination and that’s me staying strong.

Malnourished. Tired. Restless and no support.

I’ve been going way too long.

I need a partner.

Someone to push me when I’m stuck.

Someone to grab me as I attempt to give up.

Someone to say yeah you’re finished but that’s not enough.

Someone to make me tough.

Somebody that understands my plan.

Somebody that understands the makings of a man.

Being viewed with pity.

Looking down on me… the young black man born and raised in the inner city.

Where pockets is empty.

Yeah not even a penny.

Someone needs to make it saying it simply.

The task found me and is flowing up in me.

Great is what I’m made to be.

But the burden on my shoulders has made me weak.

Trying to stay strong and make it through these streets.

Where the eyes get bleak.

And the mind gets weak.

I am the starter on this long lasting streak.

To me I can make a dream.

That for others may seem a worthless thing.

But as a living breathing being.

I keep fighting to answer someone else’s dream.

If I stop and have no heart.

These empty streets will remain dark.

This journey to success is only my part.

Helping someone else’s dreams get a little jump start.

So I fight to give my all.

So I can look at my city and say I won this fight for y’all.

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