[Poem] ‘Thesis on Removal of Lesions’

This is my thesis. The removal of lesions . Scars on my back from civil disobedience. Absentminded to societal reasoning. Purging on my soul. Difficulty breathing. Breathing the oxygen that gives you life. Moral compass pointed true south. No morality. No concept of right. Blindly enticed by the shimmering light of fools gold. Walking in darkness confusing it as light. Adjusted sight to the state of blindness. Untying the knot of thought you do not. A subconscious unconscious. Avoiding the process. Backspace backspace. Deliberate deletion of the thoughts secreted from a brain once believing. That it’s deeper than what you’re seeing. Blurred lines on the images that shine. The sublime consent. With subliminal intent. Constructions they invent. Meant to discourage courage. But encourage getting lost in the mirage of facades. Direct dialect. Delayed gratification on the soul development. Common answer to do you know yourself..I haven’t tried that yet. Immersed in the diversion. Diverting from self-discovery. The necessary pain not deemed worthy. Instead you chose a state of constantly hurting. The destination is the journey. The reward of peace of mind is peace in the time when you’ve completed the climb. Mark your arrival and inscribe. I was here. The top of Mt. Self. Plant the flag. A location point if you want to get back. Or a point to be desired if you’re getting stuck in the trap. So here comes the story of the rat. Who will chew off his own leg off to get out of the trap. I wouldn’t accept the bribe of a fictitious life. Surviving in the wilderness fighting for my life. Searching for deliverance. To the space of lost innocence. I’m living it. Peaceful over belligerence. Dying inside. NO sense of pride. I tried to decide on the plain in which i’ll reside. External darkness. Seemingly harnessed. By the chain on my brain. Mental imprisonment. But this darkness is only perception. Physical death to spiritual resurrection. I was constantly tested. To see how much I was invested. The depth of my reflections. Reflected me being implanted. On earth. The seed of diving. A being thats infinite. Truly limitless. No circumstance Will limit my advance. An introspective trance is my partner as i dance. Interlocking eyes. Looking into the future at my demise. Lost by losing sight. But I wont write these word to my life. I won’t chose flight. I’ll aways ignite the fight within. And begin to overcome the obstacles. Using all steps possible. Strictly logical. No missteps. No debacle. Its not even plausible to think or speak of defeat. Because its not what I see. But I seek peace and a healthy state of being. No explanation needed. The warnings have been heeded. A believer believing in achieving. Separation from the go. Trying to spread the message to the people. That we’re all equal. The only handicap is the mind. So take one step at a time. Use the guidance from the intellectual alliance. Keep striving to be self-reliant. Avoiding the excitement of arriving at a false destination. One of self-incarnation. Fending off starvation from lack and limitation. All a self creation. This is the root of the problems we are facing. The state of empty beings. I’m releasing pretense. Gaining strength and clarity. Getting clearer. Finding the courage to look in the mirror. The hideous image shatters into pieces. I’m leaving it for you to clean this. Bare hands no Kleenex. Digest the food for thought. Because this is my thesis. The removal of lesions.

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