The Art of Investing in You

“The human mind is an uninvented field and the source of unlimited resources.” Debasish Mridha

 I often get asked, ‘How did you spend your money?”. Before, I’d give them a list of things that I purchased in order, leasing a car and buying my first home electronics etc., but as I reflected this past year I realized precisely how I spent it. I invested it into myself. Through entertainment, the arts, literature and exploration but most importantly, my time. In this article I’ll share with you the Art of Investing in yourself and how you can get it done.
The first thing that needs to be done as one is entering the business of investing into themselves is to understand the concept of choices and responsibilities before we get into time-management. As a human, there is only one thing that is certain. We will all die. From that point before you die, you’re alive and have to live. A very vital part of life is the concept of basic needs and the process of meeting those needs. We need sustenance in order for us to live. Outside of needing food, we need shelter. Food and shelter are the basic tenants of human existence. The choice aspect of this, is deciding what it is that you feel you need as a person to live within the confines of food and shelter. There are many food preparation options including the slow cooker, where one can feed a family of four for a week on as little as $20 dollars. We make a choice on the food that we spend our money on. If we want to eat food that cost more money we make the choice to acquire the money to get the food. This concept extends to houses, cars, clothes and entertainment choices as well. Nobody forces anyone to spend their money on what they feel is right for their needs, we make that choice.
When it comes to choices, for the individual, it usually comes down to a responsibility they have for themselves and their perception of fulfillment. If one feels that a car will bring them fulfillment, they are accountable to themselves to create the sources of fulfillment. When it comes to investing in yourself, another choice has to be made. You have to choose what it is thats important to you, in the case of investing in self, the goal is improvement. Investing into yourself is the greatest act of self love. And the choice to do so requires a very close look at time and how you use it.
Time is ever going and everlasting. The sun has come up and revolved around Earth, shining its light for millions of years. Civilizations that have lasted thousands of years have come and gone, billions of people have inhabited the Earth before you and I. Our lives are finite, which means we have a running clock on our existence. As you continuously shift forward into the present moment, you’re passing time. In the passing of this time what you do with it is your choice. But just as you will not get any progress from not investing into a business you will not get any progress without investing into yourself. As the Buddha said, “All movement isn’t progress.” We only have 24 hours in a day. We spend time sleeping and eating, the rest comes down to individual productivity. So what’s the way to maximize choices, time and productivity and invest into yourself so you can reap the benefits? Here we go.
The first step is understanding what vehicle is driving you through your existence. We have a body and a brain which are controlled by our directives. Within that, perception is the first step of our existence as perception creates our reality. The process of creating a proper reality is where most people make fundamental errors. Creating a proper reality is based on several concepts, emotional intelligence, emotional maturity, self-regulation and mental toughness. The four of these together provide a very solid internal foundation, that will allow you to endure the multiple storms of life. As they say, calm seas don’t make skilled sailors.

 Emotional Intelligence is the capacity to be aware of, control, and express one’e emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically. Emotional Maturity is your ability to understand, and manage your emotions. Self-Regulation is the ability monitor and control our own behavior, emotions, or thoughts, altering them in accordance to the demand of the situation. Mental Toughness is the perseverance and passion to achieve long-term goals.

This is the process of self-mastery. Which is ones one ability to forge your own destiny.
Once You’ve mastered yourself, the factory of you can begin operations. While doing business with the world, you have to keep in mind that, what was yesterday, might not no longer be the same today. If your world is centered around you and your experience and you’re not immersing yourself in the world. You have no idea of the world around you nor how you fit into it. Reading is the most important aspect of investing in self but it requires time and commitment. Once you’re equipped with the skill of self-mastery and have including reading and the discovery of the world around you, you’ve created a 401k plan. Everything you read and everything you learn, goes into this 401k that you’re expecting to live on for the rest of your life. Only this is not a retirement plan, but an active living plan. 
I use the 401k example to get into the concept of work, and the money you earn. Most people look at a paycheck as a means to spend more money and once they get it they don’t take into account the sacrifice of time. That money that you take in, is a large representation of the time that you’ve given out. When you make a purchase you’re investing your time into that item. The money that we earn is not limitless without cost. We lose time to earn money so in the art of investing in self you have to make that money work for you. So what did I spend my money on? Inspiration and Hope, with the goal of finding my true passion. I knew once i found my true passion I could live a life of joy. Now I am free. I no longer have to work towards someone else’s dreams, I can work toward mine. Creating the world you want to live in is the return on the investment of self.

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