Dreams and visions are old school. They’re more like the Thomas Guide than GPS. You’re given everything you need with a dream and a vision, you’re given a destination. This begins the journey of finding the best path to get to the destination. The problem with GPS is that it reduces the route options to the most commonly traveled routes or the most efficient routes. It removes non-traditional routes, which can cut off exploration.
Many people in life no longer rely on their internal Thomas Guide to get to their destination, everyone wants immediate understanding and clarity, without doing the thinking. GPS teaches us to depend on someone else to get where we’re going. We trust blindly in the GPS to give us the best route. The route that’s best for you might be the worst path for me. Just as we trust others to guide us and direct us. When, what works for them might not work for you.
I chose to build my journey the old school way. By hand, I looked at where I wanted to go, I saw the distance in between and I realized that I wanted to arrive at my destination, having enjoyed the scenery along the way. So I had to put time in and understand everything that I was passing and what I would miss out on by taking a different path. This different path will get me to the same destination, but it will get me there with a story to tell. This story is one that often goes unwritten because we outsource the navigable part of our life to outside circumstances and willingly sit in the passenger seat, trusting the GPS.
If you did not know already, technology is unreliable. There a countless stories of people who end up dead or badly hurt, following GPS, without understanding their surroundings. One story that saddened me was an elderly couple who drove off an incomplete bridge following GPS. These events are sad. But they’re literal expressions of what can happen by blindly relying on GPS.
Figuratively, how many of you are following a society built GPS system that’s guiding you? How many of you actually know where you’re going and how to get there? How many of you are following a path to nowhere because you trust GPS more than your heart? How many of you are living your dream? How many of you are treading water in your existing reality? How many of you control your own destiny?
A dream is a vision, something seen and felt by the soul but not present in the physical world. It has to be created in brought into this dimension. It’s a landing spot, a place that can welcome us to a world of freedom. A place you have to find. Once you find it, begin living your Dream. Living your dream does not mean that there will not be any issues. It just means you hopped in the drivers seat and are willing to find you landing spot and arrive to the place you feel is home. The only problem with this, is that there is no GPS.
Life is a journey. Blindly getting to the destination as fast and as easy as possible may work for travel but not in life. We have one final stop and that’s death. We are not immortal and should live in full respect and honor of our mortality. We need to connect with our soul going beyond our worldly needs. We have to fight to be alive. Or else you will die without having ever lived. Being human is not just a pleasure fest, it’s not a pit stop to overindulge. The only thing we truly have is the moment and in that moment we have choices. Choices on how to think, choices on how to be and choices on how to perceive the world. As humans we are not the sole creators on earth, every life form has a contributing aspect to our ability to live. We are not the Earth. We are of the earth like everything else. Turn off the GPS, pull out the Thomas Guide and build your life.
“The flower doesn’t dream of the bee, it blossoms and the bee comes.” Mark Nepo

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