Do you believe the vision that was sent to you?

Life is a funny thing. Though everything is in front of our eyes, everything that’s in front of our eyes is created by our mind. Descartes said, I think, therefore I am. I remind myself of that every day, with a tattoo on my left wrist. Whenever I check the time, I am reminded that my thoughts control my life. 
This aspect of control is very important, but most people relinquish control of their mind to external pressures, like the status quo of society. The status quo is designed to keep things as they are and not be disruptive. To maintain the social order. Socrates, one of our greatest thinkers, said one of the most fundamentals things in life is “To know thyself”, believe it or not, this goes a long way. If you know who you are you can align your life to be a full expression of self. You enjoy the freedom of being in full bloom. It is at this point and this point only where you attract the good things of life. 

So since our mind creates our world, it’s safe to say our thoughts do as well. Whe you know thyself and reach full bloom, the bees of life come to your flower from the powerful scent of self-knowledge. It takes that and pollinates it into more. Plenty of people miss this vital opportunity for growth because they don’t believe. 

There was no doubt in my mind I would make it to the NFL, my vision came in about the 4th grade. It drove my every step. My grandma, who at that time had been a teacher for about 22 years, said I should think about something else. I didn’t. I knew what I saw. I knew it was within my reach. I committed to it. I believed it. I never stopped believe that I was supposed to play football. I stopped playing when in search of happiness, I saw that philanthropreneurship is where my passion was. I had a vision of how football could help me make a difference within my community. I believed it. So I marched. When something is burned inside of my heart, I need little else to proceed. Our heart, is our mind. That’s our source, that’s where vision is placed. That’s where I live. 

Within each of us lies a seed waiting to be nourished to full bloom. Do you keep the seeds in the cupboard or do you plant and nourish those seeds?
Steve Jobs once said “It’s the ones who think they can change the world are the ones that actually do.”

So remember, cogito ergo sum, I think therefore I am.

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